Spray Tanning

Personalized Airbrush Tanning

  • Single Tan $30.00

  • Package of 3 Tans $75.00

Benefits of our Airbrush Tan:

  • *Organic Formula and Safe for Pregnant Women

  • Will Not Clog Pores

  • Lasts 10-14 Days

  • Customized for All Skin Tones

*We always advise to check with your physician first.

This Tan is an instant color. The photos above were taken immediately after the tan was finished.  The color darkens in 6-8 hours.


 Slimline Weight Loss Pod

The Slimline features all the health benefits of far infrared including metabolic boost, detoxification, & decrease in blood pressure, but also offers near infrared & yellow light. This feature not only penetrates deeper into the joints & connective tissue to take down inflammation & foster wound healing, but also boosts collagen in the skin. Soothing vibration massages the body & boosts circulation. Great to lose weight, ease achy muscles/joints, or just to reward yourself & relax!


 Pricing Options

Single session$35$40
3 sessions$90$105
5 sessions$125$150



Cellulite Reduction

Clinical Case Studies:
Before and After Photo Documentation


Stomach Reduction

Clinical Case Studies:
Before and After Photo Documentation

About Cellulite

Almost all women have cellulite. In fact, cellulite plagues more than 80% of the adult female population.

There are many causes for cellulite including diet, exercise, genetic predisposition, and inevitable lifetime hormone changes. These factors cause the fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer to enlarge and stick together inside the pockets in which they are enclosed. The pockets are stretched upward while the fibers between the pockets are strained. Circulation may be inhibited, and toxins and water can be trapped. The result is cellulite.

Cellulite may not respond well to weight loss, exercise, or creams. However, a new technology called Dermosonic® is delivering results. Many patients say they can see improvements after only one session.

What Doctors Are Saying

“I could see a noticeable difference in the appearance of their cellulite within the first 6 sessions.”
– P. Craig Hobar, MD
Dallas, Texas

“We have noticed good to excellent improvement in the majority of our patients when Dermosonic is used as a primary cellulite treatment.”
– Alexander S. Gross, MD
Cumming, Georgia

The Dermosonic ® Advantage

Dermosonic is a patented technology to temporarily yet effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite, temporarily increase circulation and relieve minor muscle aches and pains while relaxing muscle spasms. The Dermosonic Method is a comprehensive, nonsurgical approach. Dermosonic embraces the physical and aesthetic needs of the whole body using a patented technique that has been proven safe and effective.

Other systems rely on vigorous suction and rolling which can be uncomfortable for some patients. Some systems require the patient to wear a body stocking to prevent potential pinching and bruising.

With Dermosonic, no body stocking is needed. Treatments are enjoyable and relaxing because the skin is warmed and soothed by ultrasound and gently massaged with NIST™.

How Dermosonic® SmartCellulite™ Technology Works

Dermosonic SmartCellulite Technology is the combination of ultrasound and (NIST) vacuum pressure massage on the surface of the skin to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Step One: Apply Gel

Apply ultrasound gel to target area for treatment.


Step One: Apply Gel

Apply ultrasound gel to target area for treatment.


Step Three:

N.I.S.T. Non-Invasive Subdermal Therapy NIST or Vacuum Suction mobilizes the warmed connective tissue and temporarily improves blood circulation. Dermosonic closes the gap between the two forces that originally created the dimpled appearance, thus temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.

How do treatments feel?

Dermosonic does not pinch, roll or bruise the skin so the processes are not only pain-free, they feel good.

How many treatments are needed?

Depending on your needs, age and lifestyle, treatments are recommended one to two times per week for a total of 8-12 treatments. Follow-up treatments are recommended every 6 to 8 weeks.


Skin Treatments

SkinBella & Chemical Peels

SkinBella offers a unique service with crystal-free micro dermabrasion & deep penetrating ultrasound treatment all in one with NO DOWNTIME! Chemical peels, masks, & at-home products offered as well for a stronger result.

Blemish Control$103.50$115.00
Chemical Peel$60.00$65.00
Sensitive Skin$103.50.$115.00

Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion

Single Session$50.00$55.00
Microdermabrasion Package
(Includes 5 sessions)



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